Vitalfisio Centres

VITALFISIO are physiotherapy specialized centres, where we count on the last technologies, and also on a highly qualified staff.
It’s something essential for our working philosophy the high quality of our treatments, personalized attention and the application of the most efficient and innovative therapies.
Thanks to the wide range of professionals who take part in VITALFISIO we can work on every field as far as physiotherapy concerns.
Specialized Physiotherapy:
– Orthopaedic and Sportive: Fractures, sprains, tendinitis, dislocation, Muscles overload, fibre breakage, muscle shortening or spasms…
– Neurologic: Hemiplegia, Tetraplegia …
– Uro-gynaecologic: Urine Incontinency…
– Corrective: scoliosis, Kyphosis…
– Structural Osteopathy, sacred-cranium and visceral.
– Manual lymphatic drainage..
– Massages (therapeutic, relaxing..)
– Pilate’s method.
– Electrotherapy: TENS, ultrasounds, magnetic therapy…
We count on technical portable equipment, with which we can proceed to every treatment both in our clinics and outside (particular addresses, hotels, hospitals, sport facilities…), all of this depending on the needs of our patients.
Leticia de Rozas
Manager Director

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C/ Calatravas, 3 Bajo – 09002 · Burgos
947 26 61 88
C/ Serramagna, 1 Bajo – 09003 · Burgos
947 10 19 19
C/ Bartolomé Ordóñez, 8-10 – 09006 · Burgos
947 07 46 20

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